Small Business Expense Categories Checklist

    Small Business Expense Categories Checklist

    Amount Expense Type

    Advertising: Placing ads online, running commercials, sign printing,
    business card order, etc.
    Continuing education: Programs or education expenses
    Dues and subscriptions: Monthly/yearly charges for business related
    programs, including accounting or management software
    Home office: *Simplified version – deduct $5 for every square foot of
    your home office, up to a maximum of 300 square feet. [The IRS only
    allows you to claim this deduction if your home office is used exclusively
    for business purposes on a regular basis.]
    Insurance: General liability, worker’s compensation, product liability,
    and disability insurance premiums
    Legal and professional fees: Bookkeeping, accounting and lawyer bills
    Maintenance and repairs: Varying depending on industry
    Meals: 50% of business meals (taking a client out for a dinner)
    Office expenses and supplies: Pens and pencils, file folders, toner for
    your copier, ink cartridges for your printer, etc.
    Postage and shipping: Cost of shipping orders or letters
    Telephone: Phone system or cell phone used for business

    Travel: Any necessary business related travel

    Utilities: Gas, electricity, and water


    1. Standard mileage rate – add up all the miles you drove for your
      business and multiply by the IRS’s standard deduction rate to
      figure out your deduction.
    2. Actual car-related expenses

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