📚 GTD® (Getting Things Done)

GTD® es el acrónimo de Getting Things Done, best seller publicado por David Allen y considerado por muchas personas como el método más efectivo de productividad personal creado hasta el momento.

GTD® es un método y es también una filosofía. Lo que David Allen nos propone es un sistema basado en hábitos productivos. Pero además nos invita a un cambio de actitud, a tomar el control sobre nuestra vida de forma proactiva, en lugar de limitarnos a reaccionar ante los acontecimientos. Como él mismo dice, si adoptas parte de los hábitos de GTD®, tu vida mejorará pero, si los adoptas todos de forma integrada, tu vida cambiará.

«GTD» stands for «Getting Things Done,» which is a time management and productivity methodology created by David Allen. GTD is designed to help individuals become more organized and efficient in managing their tasks and responsibilities. The core principles of GTD include:

  1. Capture: Gather all your tasks, ideas, and commitments into a single, trusted system, such as a to-do list, notebook, or digital app. This ensures that nothing important is forgotten.
  2. Clarify: Go through each item in your system and determine its significance and what action, if any, is required. If an action can be completed in two minutes or less, do it immediately. If not, decide whether to delegate it, defer it to a specific time, or eliminate it.
  3. Organize: Categorize tasks and information into appropriate lists or folders, like «Next Actions» (tasks you need to do soon), «Waiting For» (tasks you’ve delegated or are waiting for others to complete), and «Someday/Maybe» (tasks you want to consider in the future).
  4. Reflect: Regularly review your lists and commitments to ensure they remain relevant and aligned with your goals. This review process helps you make informed decisions about your priorities.
  5. Engage: Act on your tasks and projects based on your priorities and the context you find yourself in. GTD encourages you to focus on one task at a time to minimize distractions and increase productivity.

The GTD method is known for its flexibility and adaptability, making it suitable for various aspects of life, from personal tasks to professional projects. Many individuals and organizations have found success in implementing GTD to enhance their productivity and reduce stress by keeping their commitments and responsibilities organized and manageable.

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